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This week's featured Poptropican is Tentacle. Check it out in Avapop below!


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1. Thefrostdragon | This is Fearless Lizard
2. Freindlygamer1| This is Friendly Gamer
3. Evilblackcat | This is Golden Hawk.
4. wizard1130 | This is Friendly Shark
5. TheDecoderMime | This is Silver Shadow
6. Ieges | This is Yellow Drummer
7. Tentacle | This is Scary Tomato
8. EJB121099 | This is Smart Kid
9. Fluteyboy1 | This is Young SInger
10. Nellaallen | This is Shiny Cheetah
Shaggydragonwins | This is Sneaky Wolf
12. Frostdragonrocks | This is also Sneaky Wolf (different players though)
13. dummy_12 | This is Sneaky Fish
14. afrostydragon | This is Silver Thunder
15. Catkards | This is Little Dragon.


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